Wagon Activities


If a client is forced to shunt out a wagon by departure, arrival or in between he can contact the hotline for mobile interventions. A fully equipped service vehicle will arrive shortly on location and according to the kind of defect repairs will be done. Norms and European regulations are much more strict the last years, Rail Service Net complies with them all.
  • repair/exchange of footsteps, handles, …
  • repair/exchange of containerpins, slidingbars, platforms
  • repair/exchange traction-; suspension- & shockorgans
  • investigation/measuring ability to drive due to a derailment
  • investigation/measuring ability to drive due to flat spots, overheated wheels/bearings
  • repair/exchange of valves, manometers, gaskets for railtankcars

Preventive maintenance

To reduce the breakdown of a wagon to a minimum Rail Service Net also maintains locally all kinds of wagons. The customer saves money because the work can be done on the spot in idle time of production. His wagon is never needless standing still.
  • general inspection upper- and underconstruction
  • pressure tests
  • inspection/maintenance of the brake systems
  • changing brake shoes (iron, composit, …)
  • inspection/maintenance cocks, manometers, …

Spare part warehousing

  • Safety equipment / warning symbols / Signalisation
  • Spare axles and other type of spare parts
  • All kind of brake shoes (iron, composit, …)
  • Grease (special for wagon purposes)