2004 Foundation & start mobile repairs on freight wagons (Business Unit Wagons)
2005 Start mobile interventions on locomotives (Business Unit Locomotives)
2007 Business Unit Wagons goes international (The Netherlands, Northern France, West-Germany)
2008 Move to new offices + warehouse in Wommelgem
  31 people, 23 service vans, 6 trailers, fuel truck
2009 Certificates: IS9002:2000 + VCA, recognition by SNCB/B-Cargo, SNCF, IVW, AAE, …
  36 people, 25 service vans, 7 trailers, 1 fuel truck
2010 Extra certificates: VPI, ECM (Entity in Carge of Maintenance)
2011 Installment automatic fuel station in Montzen
2013 Acquire of concession of 28.000 m2 in Port of Antwerp and move of offices
2014 Workshop facilities in the Port of Antwerp
2015 47 people, 35 service vans
  extension of VPI certificates with IS1 and IS2 for wheel refurbishments
  welding according DIN EN 15085-2 norm for workshop- and mobile repairs, including NDO-testing according DIN 27201-7 norm
  Installment of lifting jackets on site
2016 Installment of inspection pit for repairs locomotives and wagons